The Western Sydney Wanderers held its first community forums in 2012, seven in total across Western Sydney, to form the foundations the club would build from.

As the club approached its tenth season, we knew there was a need to ensure our foundations remain strong, our message clear, and our objectives true.

We held focus groups, learned from surveys, and held a member forum. In total we listened to over 2000 members and fans to help us create the updated Wanderers Manifesto. 

A RedandBlackprint for our future – as a club, as a community, always remember, WE ARE WANDERERS.

Launching tonight, on the eve of the Wanderers 10th season clash against arch-rivals Sydney FC in tomorrow’s Sydney Derby at CommBank Stadium (kick-off 7:45pm), the club presents its vision for the future of the club.

The campaign includes a run of multi-channel content that will appear across television with the A-Leagues new broadcast partner 10 and Paramount+, outdoor, print and radio over the next three months. 

Content, created in partnership with Chisel, delivers a mix of short-and-long-form digital content, imagery, and a 30″ TVC to be aired in the coming weeks.

Launching with a long-form We Are… edit, shows the image of the Wanderers supporter-base, community and club vision.

Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas said: “We have always tried to live up to our mission, to be the pride of Western Sydney. This is something that we strive for in everything we do. It’s why we spent a huge portion of our off-season engaging with our members and fans to understand how they have changed, how we need to change, and what we need to do to ensure we stay connected as a family. Community is at the heart of this club, and our new Manifesto reflects just that.”

Chisel Creative Director Zak Kaczmarek said: “We learned so much about the Western Sydney Wanderers fan base and football community during the three weeks we spent filming in Western Sydney. There’s incredible passion, resilience and a will to look after one another that resonates not just within the football club and its members , but the community at large. We are so thankful to the Wanderers for allowing us to call upon the fans to give them a platform to share their thoughts about the club’s future and to listen to them.”

Murmur Managing Director Dave Levett said: “Over the last 6 months we have worked side-by-side with the Wanderers on the strategic vision focused on the central component of the club – their fans. It has been a truly rewarding & substantial process thus far, one that started with a deep statistical analysis of 10 years worth of members and fan data to identify trends to hear the true voice of the Wanderers fan.”

Wanderers Manifesto

We are the West

We know there’s something special about Western Sydney. Different cultures, different people, all coming together is what makes our club so unique and so strong. We are proud of our region and our heritage.

We are Open to everyone

We know that inclusivity and diversity strengthen our club. No matter where you’re from, the colour of your skin, what age, gender, orientation or how able-bodied you might be, you are always welcome.

We are Loyal

We know that to foster loyalty, we must first show loyalty — to our fans, to our members, to our players, to our entire community — and back up our words with real action. We leave no one behind.

We are Listening

We encourage all voices, all opinions, all ideas, and give them equal weight, equal due consideration.

We are Passionate

We love our club. On the field and off the field, we live and breathe football and are never shy about wearing our hearts on our sleeves, flying the flag and making noise. By sharing our passion, our dedication, and by rallying for what we represent, we invite more fans to bring their emotions and sing with us at the games.

We are Equal

No one player, coach, squad or person is more important than the club. Our members, our community and our team is what makes us who we are.

We are Determined

Every match, every time, we give our all. Whether we’re training, on the pitch, or in the stands we dig deep to give everything we’ve got, so we regret nothing, no matter the outcome.

We are Compassionate

We are all human, all flawed. Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Not every match can be won. And so when that happens it is important to show empathy. Build people up, not tear them down.

We are Growing

It’s not just about signing new players and welcoming new fans as members, it means fostering the next generation — the young girls and boys who aspire to play like their heroes.

We are Family

Blood matters. Families stick together. Friendships forged in in the stands are for life. The stronger our family, the stronger our community, the stronger our club. It’s about the Red & Black, always.