Allen ready to be pushed to football limits


Defender Teigan Allen on her return to the club and the growth of women’s football over the last decade. 

The Penrith local returns to the club with over 120 appearances to her name in the domestic competition as well as international experience having played overseas in both Norway and the United States.

Allen was part of the Wanderers foundation W-League squad where she featured in 21 matches during her two-season stint and played alongside head coach and Wanderers legend Catherine Cannuli.

The versatile defender’s return to the club comes at the right time with Allen ready to take her football to the next level.

“I’m at a stage in my career where I understand the importance of atmosphere and energy from within a team and club,” explained Allen.

“I know I will be able to get the most out of myself and play my best football if/when I am surrounded by a healthy football environment and I do believe that the club and Catherine (head coach Catherine Cannuli) have and will provide that.

“Catherine has always been a leader and role model to me since I first started my professional football career.

“I have so much respect for her on and off the field. 

“I know playing for the Wanderers with Catherine as head coach, myself and my team will be pushed to our football limits. Putting us in a position where we can be a top-quality team week in and week out giving us the best opportunity we have to finish on top.”

Teigen Allen

Having been on the domestic football scene for over a decade now, Allen has seen the growth of women’s football first-hand and is excited to link up with her teammates at the Wanderers Centre of Football next month.

“Women’s football, in general, has come a long way since I was last at the Wanderers,” said Allen.

“The club itself has invested a lot into women’s football space which is nothing less than amazing to know and see.

“This has shown how much of an impact a top-quality football environment can have on the growth and development of the squad and club.

“From the world-class training facilities, sponsorships, recovery facilities, the best coaching staff, medical staff and nutritionists, everything that they provide a player to really excel.”


Such extensive experience and knowledge of the W-League competition will see Allen as a leader in the Wanderers squad for the upcoming season.

“I do see myslef as a leader coming into a team with a lot of young blood,” said Allen.

“I have been fortunate to travel the world with football trhough the national team playing in teams overseas, competing on the World Stage and being selected for two World Cups.

“I will definitely be spreading my knowledge and plan to be a role model for the younger generation at the Wanderers.”