Babbel focused on Roar


Head coach Markus Babbel said he has had no problems keeping the players grounded as the Wanderers look to extend their unbeaten start to the season and maintain their lead at the top of the Hyundai A-League table.

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In what will be a reunion of sorts for Babbel, he will lock tactical horns on the sideline with his former Liverpool FC teammate Robbie Fowler with Brisbane Roar to get their first taste of the new Wanderland at Bankwest Stadium on Saturday.

The Wanderers, chasing their fourth win in their opening four games of the season, will be coming off the back of a high following the 1-0 win in the Sydney Derby last week.

Despite the high emotion that followed that victory, Babbel said the players have quickly got back down to serious business preparing for a game he expects to be very tough.

“Of course, we won three points and nothing more,” said Babbel when asked if the team had come down from the clouds after last week.

“The points were a bit sweeter than usual, but now we keep going because we still only have nine points, nothing more. The season is getting longer and we need more points to come in the playoffs. 

“That is the good thing with the team now, they know it was a very important win for us, the club, the supporters but they also know we had a bit of luck, so it wasn’t a top, top, top performance.”


While Babbel was full of praise for the players’ fighting spirit, he acknowledged he wants to see an improvement in the playing style against the Queenslanders and for the players to enjoy themselves.

“I hope we can show a bit more confidence on Saturday to do what we want to do on the pitch, not to be scared about it, not to think ‘if I do a mistake now it is not good for our team’. Just play with freedom and enjoyment and show what you can do,” said Babbel.

“It was a great fight from the boys (against Sydney FC) but we also have to play better football and that is what we want to do on Saturday. The fighting spirit is excellent, so now if we bring the skills in then it will also be for the opposite side very difficult to beat us.”


Babbel said he has not had much interaction with Fowler since the Englishman took the reins at Brisbane.

“No, not now,” said the head coach when asked had they communicated this week.

“We had communication before. He is focussed on his team and I am focussed on my team. After the game, we will have a chat.

“It is great to see him here, he is a top lad and I really enjoyed playing with him because he is a funny guy as well.

“It is fantastic for the league to bring a person like Robbie here. He has great experience and is a top pro.”

Get tickets to this Saturday’s match against the Roar here.