Have the Wanderers ever had a player like Daniel Georgievski?

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He has been at the Wanderers for just six months, but Daniel Georgievski has fitted in so well with the culture and vibe that he already feels like he’s part of the Red & Black furniture.

Georgievski is not only a talented footballer, but he is one of those charismatic people who inject professionalism, enthusiasm, and fun into any environment he is in.

From the moment he’s on the pitch with his fellow teammates or in the club offices joking around with the staff.

Building and shaping an environment is always something he has been conscious of doing during his impressive career as a professional player both overseas and in the domestic competition.

“Early in my career (overseas) there was a lot of negativity around my football, where I was playing and just as a whole,” said Georgievski.

“I chose to be happy, but it could be hard when the environment (overseas) is not a happy place.

“Thankfully, I am in a happy place (at the Wanderers) so my personality shows itself. The boys are the same so it has helped me to be myself a bit.

“The personalities of everyone has come together, we laugh and have fun. No-one holds back and that is the perfect environment for me.”.


Interestingly, Georgievski, who has been a key component in the Wanderers new spine this season said he looked at toning things down when he first arrived back in Western Sydney.

“When I got here, I wanted to be serious, as funny as it sounds,” said Georgievski.

“I’m 31 and I thought it was time, but when I got here it took me maybe 20 minutes to realise it’s not going to happen!

“You know, I just thought the club would want me to just be me.”

Importantly for the Macedonian international, who was born and raised in Sydney’s west, his return to where it all began for him has been a huge help.


Having come to the club via stints at Melbourne Victory and Newcastle Jets, Georgievski was quite to reconnect with his Western Sydney roots.

The defender spent a lot of his childhood in Woodcroft, which is a stone’s throw from the club’s brand new training complex in Blacktown.

Which explains Georgievski’s approach at the club.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve every match and every training session, quickly becoming a fan favourite.

“I used to come back and forth for a couple of weeks at a time when I was playing overseas, but it wasn’t the same,” Georgievski added.

“It just feels like home again, though there is a lot more traffic now than what I remember.

“It’s been good seeing people and family I want to see more frequently.”


Football wise, Georgievski believes things are working out well and has been happy with his contribution to the Red & Black so far.

“It has been a smooth transition for me,” noted Georgievski.

“When you come to a club you have to establish yourself. I think with here I found my feet very, very fast and it just made things easier.

“I am happy. As long as I can keep myself fit, I think a lot of my football will do the talking.

“As long as I give more assists I am happy personally, but really, it’s all about the team and not me.”


Team wise, Georgievski believes the Wanderers will only get better as the season progresses.

“We are gelling and more and more,” explained Georgievski.

“There are some teams that will click straight away, some teams take a little bit more time. I think the foreigners mainly have realised Australia is a very tough league.

“Even when I came back to the Hyundai A-League, I found it harder than Europe to adjust.

“But as each training session goes past, we have that connection and understand the structure more and more.”

If things continue progressing the way Georgievski predicts, then there’s no doubt that the Wanderers will be true contenders come Finals Series next year