Bridge: We need consistency


Wanderer Mark Bridge says the team will be looking to get their confidence back against Melbourne Victory this Saturday and need to be more consistent when it comes to their performances. 

The team will be back in Melbourne again this weekend to take on Victory, a side which the Wanderers have not defeated away since November 2015.

Bridge says the team are glad to be back in town to fix the mistakes they made in last week’s thrashing by City. 

“It was a very disappointing loss last week,” said Bridge. 

“After such a convincing win after Wellington, the confidence was high and we had the week off and were confident going down there. 

“It wasn’t the performance we wanted and we’re glad to be going back down there this week to try and rectify that.”



The next three matches are crucial for the Wanderers to secure a place in the Top Six, a situation which Bridge says the team are taking very seriously.

“I think every game from here on in is important,” said Bridge.

“We’re not in a position where we have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing waiting for finals to come around. 

“We have two teams one point behind us for that sixth spot, we want it and we want it badly. 

“We just have to get the confidence back and we need consistency now more than ever. 

“Hopefully it can start this week.”