The call that landed Yeboah


From Germany to Western Sydney.

It was a personal phone call from Markus Babbel that saw flyer Kwame Yeboah return home to Australia for the first time since moving overseas at the age of 19. 

Yeboah had plenty of personal suitors in the Hyundai A-League when he decided he had enough of playing in Germany. 

But it was the personal touch from the Wanderers boss that got Yeboah across the line.

“I had some calls from agents, so for Markus to personally call me I wasn’t really expecting that,” explained Yeboah.

“For me to wear the Red & Black, it’s a very good feeling and I feel very welcomed.

“When I met everyone on the first day I felt very welcomed and I felt very welcomed when Markus called me in Germany with his dreams of the club and how he sees me integrating with the team.”


Looking back on his experiences in Germany, Yeboah believes the culture shock of being overseas at such a young age has helped define him not only as a player but also a person.

“When I first got to Europe, I was 19 year’s old, a fresh boy from Queensland, and it was a massive culture shock.

“When I went over in January, it was winter there, and there was a 30 degree change in temperature.

“When I walked into the dressing room, all the boys were speaking German so you can put yourself into my shoes.

“There was also a big change for me in the training sense and all, all the exercises were in German and it was a di erent football approach. This was also a massive challenge for me.

“You can’t really explain your experiences overseas, it’s a totally different world and it has opened up my eyes a lot.”


Since arriving at the Red & Black, Yeboah only had a handful of training sessions under his belt before he was thrown into the midst of the action. 

His spare and ability to create chances have been second to none, scoring his first goal in the Wanderers epic seven-goal thriller against Perth Glory on Sunday.

Having already been touted as one of the future legends of the Wanderers, Yeboah has his focus on making his mark at the club over the next few seasons. 

“My goal at the club is just to show everyone what I can do, everything that I’ve learnt over my five years of being away in Europe.

“Obviously with the team going as high and as good as we can.”