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Mar 21, 2017   |  5:50AM AET

Cannuli: W-League Mentoring Program to close the gap

Cannuli: W-League Mentoring Program to close the gap

Friday will be a very special night for female football as the Wanderers will be launching their W-League Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Program is a great initiative that will also attract players to our Club who want to be part of our growing Wanderers family and brand.

Not only is it important to perform well in women’s football but it’s just as important, if not more, to be educated and to have goals that are outside football.

The Mentoring Program is a great opportunity for the younger generation of girls that are coming through the Club to make connections and build a future for themselves outside of football.

We’re lucky enough here at the Wanderers to have some great partners and people that are passionate about women’s football so that the girls can have some great mentors.

During my career, I looked up to role models as a way of being inspired to achieve things on and off the field but it’s even better that these girls will be able to draw on the close guidance of a mentor.

One of the biggest things I struggled with early on in my career was trying to balance work and playing professional football which involved training four to five days a week.

It’s tough and something that I still try to speak to the younger girls today.

It’s not until when some of the girls get full time jobs that they really understand the struggle some of the older girls go through in managing their time.

I hope that the new Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program closes the gap in this aspect and helps support our girls on and off the field.