Club statement regarding Round 20 Sydney Derby


Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club have today suspended the membership of 14 individuals from the Red & Black Bloc (RBB) active supporter group following their role in the display of an unauthorised banner at the match on Saturday night at ANZ Stadium.

The Club is in the process of issuing banning notices to these 14 individuals for a period of 18 months across all competitions.

Following review of CCTV footage from both before and during the event 14 individuals have been identified as taking part in concealing, assembling and displaying the banner on Saturday night.

For the purposes of clarity these are not Football Federation Australia or venue bans – but are Club enforced bans.

As part of the banning notices to be issued by the Club, Western Sydney Wanderers will also require those involved to undertake a recognised social inclusion program approved by the Club prior to any re-admission to Wanderers matches before their bans can be lifted.

“Following a thorough review of the incident on Saturday night including review of CCTV footage at the venue and examination of those involved and how they both concealed the banner’s entry into the venue, its construction within the bay and display during the match we have acted to remove them from our Club,” said Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas.

“This incident involved key leaders of the RBB who have shown no remorse for their actions of bringing our Club and the game of football into disrepute and have continued to flaunt their disdain for the Club and our diverse and inclusive membership family further on social media.

“As a Club we have had enough and have put the entire group on notice. While the vast majority of the RBB are exceptional in their support and actions for this Club we must remove all those who see themselves as bigger than the Club they support.”

The Club also provides notice that should there be any further breach of the Spectator Code of Behaviour in the Active Supporter area or on any RBB official social media platform that active area will be shut down for a period of time as determined by the Club.