Community ownership on the agenda at Castle Hill


Hyundai A-League fans at Castle Hill found out that the new A-League club could have a community ownership model.

Well over 100 football fans headed to Castle Hill to share their thoughts on the new Sydney club and hear Head of the Hyundai A-League Lyall Gorman announce that community ownership models are being investigated.

Gorman dropped the news on the excited group of fans early in the evening.

“We believe there may be an opportunity for a community ownership model. That is something we have been looking into,” Gorman said.

“The club will have a Youth League and Women’s League team.”

Milan Blagojevic seemed to support the idea of a community ownership model, before going on to say that if he was to coach the side he would promote an attacking style of play.

“We’ve got a healthy number of people that will support this Western Sydney franchise, they are knowledgeable football fans,” he said.

“As such, if I was coach, it would be a proactive style of football in attack and defence that engages our fans.”

Plenty of fans had their say through social media. Here are some of the top Tweets.

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