Dimas: Letter to the Fans


Dimas pens his first letter as club captain.

I was very happy to be announced as club captain last week: I feel good with the decision and happy with the confidence the club has placed in me to lead the Wanderers on and off the field.

Dimas Romeo Castelen Brisbane Roar Semi Final
For the coach and my teammates to believe in me is very special and I will work hard to repay the faith they have in me.
When I first came to Australia I did not think I would lead the Wanderers, let alone in just one year of arriving.
When you come to a new place you just concentrate on doing your best and enjoying your football.

Dimas Mariners
That is what I did last season and it was a great experience: everything was wonderful with both my club and my teammates. I believe that this year can be good as well.
While I wasn’t expecting to be appointed captain, this isn’t my first time being a leader. I was captain for FC Barcelona B and again when I moved to Recreativo Huelva in my second season.

Being a leader is normal for me because I like to be with my mates on the field, I like to help my mates and I like to achieve big things together with my mates. After three appearances in Grand Final I think the club deserves to win one and hopefully it will be this year.
The Wanderers are a fantastic club and for me it’s a big pleasure to stay here and hopefully we can continue for many years more.
Club Captain