Earn points and prizes with Wanderers Rewards


We’re happy to announce the introduction of the Wanderers Rewards program, which is designed to reward members for their love of the Wanderers.

Through the Wanderers Rewards website or app, members can earn points for activities including attendance, purchasing special event tickets as well as user generated content and social engagement.

These points can then be redeemed for a fantastic range of rewards such as merchandise, partner offers and money can’t buy experiences.

Simply link your Ticketmaster, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account to your Wanderers Rewards profile to start earning points. 

Members who install the app before our first Hyundai A-League home game against Brisbane Roar on 8 October will receive a 1000 point bonus (those members who have already installed the app will also receive this point bonus).

How to Guide: Wanderers Rewards App

  • Download our rewards app on your smart phone. You can search for the application via the app store under “Wanderers Rewards”

    Rewards app a

  • In your phone’s setting, ensure that notifications are enabled. On game day, switch on your phone’s bluetooth to receive special gameday messages 

    rewards app b

  • Your Wanderers Rewards account should already be set up and registered. To log in, just enter the same details you use to log in with for your Wanderers account. This will be your email and Wanderers password (if you believe the details you have entered are correct and you’re still unable to log in, please email memberships@wswanderersfc.com.au

    Rewards app c

  • Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to earn points instantly! The points breakdown can be found here

    Rewards app d

  • The app will show you how many points you have earned, what you have earned points for, as well as future events you can earn points from 

    Rewards app e

  • Redeeming prizes is as easy as logging in. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem a prize of your choice

    Rewards app f

  • Please ensure that all your details are correct as items will get sent to your preferred delivery address

    Rewards app g

Visit the Wanderers Rewards website for more information about how the Rewards program works.