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Oct 08, 2019   |  3:58AM AET

Elrich: Pressure is on

Elrich: Pressure is on

Wanderer Tarek Elrich has said he and his fellow teammates understand that the pressure is on for them to produce a magical return to Wanderland.

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Speaking to Football National Radio (FNR) on Tuesday morning, Elrich said he believed that the club should be in the top two every year. 

“As player, when you sign up for the club after the instant success of 2012, it’s important to understand this club belongs at the top,” said Elrich. 

“The last few years have been very disappointing for the players, fans and the club as whole. We know that and it is something we have touched on during pre-season, not just the players and coaching staff but the hierarchy as well.

“It has been made well known that it’s not good enough and that the club does not deserve to finish seventh or eighth. A top two every year is where we belong.

“There’s a lot of pressure pressure on the players and the people don’t see that, but we know it is there.”


Elrich, who is in his second stint with the Red & Black was full of praise for head coach Markus Babbel. 

“Markus is very laid back but don’’t get in his bad side!” Elrich joked.

“He has been good for me. Having had an ACL and not having much game time at my previous club, he was very patient with me.

“He gave me plenty of opportunity to prove myself and I hope I have done that.

“What you see is what you get with Markus. He is very chilled on the sidelines though he does get emotional.”

You can listen to the interview here.