First day at training: Andreu


New Spanish midfielder Andreu fronted the media for the first time since his arrival in Australia and discussed his first impressions of the club, the coach and his collision with the past.

Today was the squad’s first time officially training together and with Andreu only recently moved to Australia with his family yet to arrive, getting into training was on the top of his mind.
“I am excited to start regular training with the team today. On my first day here it was just me and Romeo training so it is nice to be amongst my team mates,” explained Andreu.
“The first game will be something special for me when we play our first official game this season in the FFA Cup.”
With Head Coach Tony Popovic addressing the players in the dressing rooms today for the first time this season, Andreu reflected on the moment he spoke to the Champions League winning coach that made him choose to play for the Red & Black.
The 30 minute phone call left an ever-lasting impression on Andreu.
“Popovic is a very positive person, a hard-worker and he knows a lot about football. He was checking my last games, he checks everything about the players and their previous clubs.”
Despite the Wanderers being a relatively new club they have achieved so much in their short history which Andreu was already speaking about with pride.
“We’re a new club, we’re only three years old and we have had some very good seasons.
“Last season was a bit different but the team played in the Champions League and I am sure that it was very difficult for them to play in hard games every three to four days.
“Every season Tony Popovic tries to improve the club and I am sure this season will be better.

Andreu has been quick to settle in with teammates despite the language barrier and sung praises towards his welcoming teammates.
“They are very good teammates and my first impressions of them are good.
“It’s normal sometimes for it to be difficult as the language isn’t easy but fortunately I speak a little bit of English so I can speak to them face-to-face.
“They are really good and normal guys.”
It will also be a case of history repeating for Andreu with the Wanderers yesterday announcing that Andres Carrusco has joined the club as assistant coach.
The two spent a long time at the Barcelona Academy and there was a brief overlap too during their times at Dinamo Tbilisi.
“I know him, he is a good coach and he can help the players and the staff.”
And Andreu’s hopes for the upcoming campaign?
“If everyone works together we can have a very good season.”