Five things we need to do to clinch a finals spot


We’ve listed five key things we need to do this Saturday night against Brisbane Roar to secure a place in the finals series. 

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1. Give Riera service

The big number 9 has been far and away the Wanderers’ biggest final-third threat but needs the right support to be able to do his best work.


2. More goal scorers

Riera alone has accounted for nearly half of the Red & Black’s goals this season and the rest of the attacking third will want to up their return.

3. Give Vedran less to do

Janjetovic has made the most saves of any goalkeeper in this competition this season and needs more protection from his men in front. 



4. Stronger second half

The Wanderers have scored nearly half their goals in the opening 30 minutes of game time, the most of any team, though they need to work towards putting things to bed. 

5. Draw on home support

Playing the last two matches of the regular season in front of a vocal home crowd is a luxury few will enjoy and the Wanderers should focus in on harnessing that support.