Game Day: Letter from Jamie Soward


Jamie Soward talks about the moment he connected with the Red & Black

Jamie Soward talks about the moment he connected with the Red & Black

If it wasn’t for Bridgey I might not have ever made it along to a game.

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I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets and I brought my fiancé Maddy along to Sydney Derby XI and we loved it, the atmosphere obviously but also the way the Club made us feel a part of them. We over dressed for the first game, which Dicko made comment on. We came in a suit and dress like we were going to the races and he said ‘we don’t dress like that out here in Wanderland’, so that was a learning experience…
After meeting Bridgey and talking to him I got to know what these guys are made of. Scott Neville came out at that first game as well and really connected with us, took photos and chatted it just goes to show that together we are a big family, we’re a down to earth team, and while results might not go our way all the time, we are a team that does stick together and you know through anything we’ll still be together at the end of the day and I don’t know if any other club in Australia can say that.

Jamie Soward
Since Bridgey went to Thailand I’ve become good friends with Mitch Nichols and we’ve struck up a good friendship which keeps me connected to the team wherever I am in the world.
I have been to big games all around the world and experienced some great hospitality but I can say without a doubt that there is no better service at a match than being in Western Sydney Wanderers’ Ambassadors Lounge.
They take care of you, they’re friendly and most of all they want to actually get to know you. Maddy and myself have not experienced any better service and that’s why we keep coming back and that’s why we circled the Derby as the game we couldn’t miss first up this season.
As for the success of the Club it speaks for itself; we’ve won the ACL, a Premiers Plate and been to three Grand Finals in four seasons, we see ourselves as a proper family and our fan base is second-to-none.
When you think about the Wanderers, first off you think about the RBB. You watch any game on Fox Sports or you go to any game as I’ve been lucky enough to go to for the last year and a half and you see the RBB and how passionate they are. When they are on form, there is no better experience in Australian sport.
Although I am currently travelling in the US seeing some other great teams play including the New York Rangers, Boston Celtics and New York Jets I look forward to being back for the massive match here at Spotless Stadium when we take on Melbourne City.
Tim Cahill coming into the competition is huge. But with the young squad we’ve got coming through, I think we’ve got something to really look forward to this season.
Jamie Soward
Wanderers Ambassador