Gazza Predicts Round 6: Top-of-the-table clash, nine-goal thrillers


E-League analyst, Tyler ‘Gazzalinga’ Gillespie, has predicted who will come out victorious in the top-of-the-table clash as well as three nine-goal ties in his Round 6 preview.

E-League analyst, Tyler ‘Gazzalinga’ Gillespie,  has predicted who will come out victorious in the top-of-the-table clash as well as three nine-goal ties in his Round 6 preview. 

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#GazzaPredicts – @gazzalinga – Round 5

Adelaide United vs Newcastle Jets

PS4 – vDreamz_Shooter 2 vs. BLFIFA 2
BLFifa will be looking to continue his ruthless attacking football after carrying his team through the last round to earn three point. However, a conflict in styles with vDreamz could be an issue and cause a stagnant affair at the end of this tie.

XBOX – FUTWIZ Jamie 3 vs. BossierHickory 1
FUTWIZ Jamie has produced mixed performances recently but he will be looking to get back to winning form as he comes up against an inconsistent BossierHickory. We should see three points go to the Reds.

Adelaide United to win all 3 points with an aggregate of (5-3).

Central Coast Mariners vs. Sydney FC

PS4 – KyrenFIFA 2 vs. xMarkoHD 3
The man himself King Gupta took his first loss of the entire E-League last week against the dark horse in MouadZwed in a tight clash. Meanwhile, xMarkoHD has continued his countless and ruthless playstyle. He’s closed out opponents and kept them from playing how they want to by quickly adapting to any playstyle. xMarkoHD may take another notch out of King Gupta’s crown in this tie.

XBOX  – StrawHatCamels 1  vs. Samer96_ 3
While being relatively lucky with goals scored, Samer96_ showed strong form against another top opponent last week to get into the positions to score. StrawHatCamels has had a mix of results with an easy win over Victory’s Mitch Austin last week. Samer96_ should close out this game fairly easily for his side.

Sydney FC to stay top of the table with an aggregate of (3-6)


Melbourne City vs. Western Sydney Wanderers

PS4 – Joshingwood 2 vs. RDoublettt 3
With the performance of Round 5, RDoublettt will be looking to stake an even bigger as one of the top competitors on the PS4 side. However, he will face a very tough opponent in Joshingwood, who has show his attacking prowess, but is prone to lapses in concentration defensively. RDoublettt may start to come out of OhNoAGoat’s shadow in this tie to secure another win.

XBOX – Marcus Gomes 3 vs. OhNoAGoat 1
Marcus Gomes is arguably the strongest player on the Xbox side, however even he has had his own struggles with putting games away while his opponent, OhNoAGoat has proven how he can finish off a game over multiple rounds despite his struggles last week. Marcus Gomes may prove too strong in this tie and will look to control the game to cover any potential deficit caused by his counterpart in joshingwood.

Melbourne City to win on aggregate of (5-4)

Wellington Phoenix vs. Brisbane Roar

PS4 – Fweshest 2 vs. Ol_Mate_ 3
This is arguably the most interesting game of the entire round, with both struggling for any sort of individual form, but also showing sparks of what could be during their games. Fweshest is arguably on slightly better form than Ol_Mate_, who is yet to register a personal win in the books and may close this one out. However, there is a feeling in the air that Ol_Mate_ might actually prove to be the victor.
XBOX – Justmanutd12 1  vs. Cripsy 3
Justmanutd came off with a strong win last week but unfortunately it was not enough of a buffer for his team mate in Fweshest to close out the tie. He will be looking for another strong performance to make up for his teammate this week, but may struggle to do so against Cripsy. Cripsy has had what was deemed to be his ‘gauntlet’ of tough games over the last three rounds, which saw him struggle to get any personal wins or close out any deficits that were cause by his counterpart. He needs to come back firing this week and bring back his form to close out the tie for the Roar.

The Roar to get back to winning form after their recent struggles with a win on aggregate of (3-6)   

Melbourne Victory vs. Perth Glory

PS4 – MouadZwed 2 vs. Saisanas 3
The dark horse of the competition proved himself to the doubters last week with a very strong and confident win against the league’s most in-form player in KyrenFIFA and will be hoping to replicate that same form and playstyle against Saisanas. However, the clash in styles could prove beneficial to Saisanas who will be looking to make up for his performance last week which left it all to do for his teammate in Highfly.

XBOX – MouadZwed 3 vs. HighFly 2
HighFly was able to produce one of his better performances last week before letting his confidence take too much control as the lapses in concentration on defence cost him heavily. Hopefully that was a learning curve for HighFly and he manages to replicate that same attacking form this week. MouadZwed might be counting his lucky stars as he is able to take control of both of the games in this round with Mitch Austin away on Team Duties.

The potential second draw of the E-League with an aggregate of (5-5) as both teams get a share of the points.

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