Getting to know Andrew Redmayne


Jessica Csaszar sits down with new goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne to talk about life, football and becoming a Wanderer.

Andrew Redmayne still remembers the day he signed up to play football.
“My Mum and I were walking through a shopping centre in Wyoming and there was a local registration table,” explained Redmayne.
“My Mum asked me if I wanted to play soccer and I was like, ‘why not?’”.
Redmayne signed that afternoon for Gosford City Dragons where he played for five years before moving to Central Coast Lakers, it was here he first began goalkeeping.
“I first started goalkeeping through a school holiday clinic and they asked if there were any goalkeepers.
“In my last season at Gosford I did a bit in goals and a bit out of goals so I thought I’d have a crack at being a goalkeeper.”
Since that moment in time he has not looked back.

Andrew Redmayne
Spending two years at the Lakers and some time at the ‘Coasties’ led him to joining Football NSW Institute for two and a half years before moving to the Australian Institute of Sport.
At different stages of his career, Redmayne’s motivations to play and remain passionate about football changed.
“In juniors it was always about friends. I moved clubs just for friendships. The year I went to the Lakers I also made the Coasties and while Coasties were in the higher division I went to the Lakers because I had more friends in that team.
“Seniors was different, it was about more opportunities and finding ways that you can push yourself and find new challenges that can drive you.”
Growing up, Redmayne had many football idols including John Crawly who he knew from a young age and his first goalkeeping coach Darryl Dark who had a major influence on his career.
“I was fortunate enough to have a contract with Central Coast Mariners while I was at the AIS which really helped a lot.”
Redmayne still remembers his first save on his debut with the Mariners in 2008.
He came onto the field as a substitute for Mark Bosnich who had a hamstring injury.
“Adriano Pellegrino picked up the ball and beat John Hutchinson from about 30 metres out, dribbled to 20 out where he had a shot and I just pushed it over the bar.”

Andrew Redmayne
After making scarce appearances at the Mariners Redmayne moved to Brisbane Roar where it was expected he would be the first keeper until the late signing of Michael Theo threw a spanner into the works.
“It was tough spending two years under the best goalkeeper in the league at the time but having said that it was a fantastic opportunity to work under Ange Postecoglou.
“I feel like I developed my game a lot and on a massive plus side I won two championships in two years.
“You look back at some amazing players in the Hyundai A-League and they never won a title and I’ve been fortunate enough to win two.
Andrew Redmayne

Following two seasons at the Roar, Redmayne moved to Melbourne City where he made 48 appearances between the sticks before desiring a move to a different club where he could push himself further.
“With the coaching staff and squad that we are developing here it is a fantastic opportunity to not only develop myself but help step the club forward.”
That’s not the only reason the shot-stopped has joined the Red & Black.
“It was quite daunting playing against the Wanderers, I’m looking forward to having the crowd that scared the living daylights out of me now behind me.
“Once when I played against Western Sydney I invited my sister to come to the game and she is mentally disabled. She cried because she was so intimidated by the crowd.
“I think it will be good for her to know that she is one of us now.”
Redmayne is loving the team and loving the coaching staff.
“There’s a lot more drive and direction from this coaching staff.
“They push you to get the most out of yourself and the most out of the whole squad. I’m really enjoying that side of training.”