Helping young Wanderers explore the wonders of live sport

Seventy young people and their carers took up Western Sydney Wanderers’ invitation to watch the game live as they played Sydney FC.

The atmosphere was electric, and emotions ran high during the big derby game. The Life Without Barriers guests joined in when the crowds chanted and sang.

Nine-year-old Sophie* loves playing soccer. She met her heroes at the Christmas party, and she was over the moon when her carers told her that they had tickets for the Saturday night game.

“I love the Wanderers. The game was one of the most exciting things I have done in my life.”

It was a night out with the works. Along with the exciting match, our community were kept entertained with a Hip Hop and RnB performance, half-time games, and fireworks on display. Some of the young people even had pictures taken with the players at the end of the game.

The Wanderers v Sydney FC game tickets are part of a growing friendship between the Wanderers Football Club and Life Without Barriers after Education Consultant, Lorna Genoud, reached out to them late last year.

The Western Sydney football team paid a surprise visit to the 2022 Christmas party. As well as bringing balls and soccer goals for young people to play with. They signed posters and played with the kids and young people – and some very excited carers.

“I was so excited, I could not speak when I met the players at the Christmas party. I just kept jumping up and down on the spot and dancing around. I want to become a football player one day,” said Sophie.

Lorna said that beyond the entertainment of the live game, young people benefited from the experience in other important ways too.

“Going to watch a game live is definitely about the opportunity for young people and their carers to engage with the community and to involve themselves in different experiences from their day-to-day lives,” said Lorna.

“At the same time, going to the stadium and watching the sport opens up to what is possible for them.

“When you go to a live event, it’s not just a football game. There are producers, light technicians, cameramen, and reporters – all types of people and all types of jobs you don’t see when you watch a game on TV.

“A lot of kids like sports, and here are jobs that are available to them – different careers they may want to have.” Said Lorna

For many young people in attendance, it was the first ever game of football they had watched live, it won’t be an experience they forget. And just maybe, it was also the night that future sports careers were created.

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