Important Transport Information for Sydney Derby Elimination Final

Fans are encouraged to plan ahead and consider all the available travel options. Travel on trains, including metro and light rail, is included in your match ticket.

As this match is co-ordinated by the APL, your Wanderers membership WILL NOT give you access to the match. All season 2022/23 members MUST PURCHASE a ticket to the match to ensure access. You can get your tickets here.

Trains and buses run regularly to Parramatta Station, which is a 15-minute walk from the stadium.

Some buses also make stops outside the stadium on O’Connell Street. See the CommBank Stadium transport and walking route map for more details.

Traffic will be very heavy in Parramatta prior to kick off as supporters from each team march on-road to the stadium. Roads may close at short notice at the direction of NSW Police. If you have to drive, arrive early to avoid the delays and allow plenty of extra travel time as car parks in the area will be in high demand

You can find real-time updates on traffic conditions at livetraffic.com

After the match roads around the stadium will close from around 9:30pm to 10pm to allow crowds to safely leave the stadium so be patient leaving car parks and follow the directions of traffic controllers and Police.

If you’re travelling home by taxi or ride share choose a pick up location away from the stadium to avoid traffic delays.  

Keep in mind if you’re catching buses home after the game that stops outside the stadium will be closed so buses will be using different stops nearby, check signs and follow directions of staff.

For more Transport information click here.