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Published October 26, 2018 at 05:15:27

Janjetovic feeling good again

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Wanderers goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic will come up against his former side in the Derby.

And despite a pelvic injury causing him some concern in the off-season, the 31-year-old goalkeeper is feeling fit and ready for action.

“It’s obviously an exciting time for us,” he said.

“Derbies are always a good game, enjoyable, so I don’t expect anything less from this one.

“Everything’s fine now [with the injury]. We’ve ironed out all the kinks. 

“It was a long time that I’ve had that injury… it was something that was lingering around from last year.

“[I have] just modified [training] a little bit here and there, just play with it, see how it reacts week to week… couple of injections, stuff like that.

“[I] just have to manage it for the time being and eventually it will go away.”