John Tsatsimas: We will support our fans


Western Sydney Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas was on Big Sports Breakfast this morning to chat to Terry Kennedy and Michael Slater about the fan boycott and “that” article.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Quick recap
“We will support our fans in terms of getting this system right.
“This issue goes beyond sport, goes beyond football and becomes a matter for the rights of individuals and we encourage FFA to bring that process forward and not wait until February for it to take place.
“[Our fans] are painted in a way that is unjust, unfair and this needs to be addressed. So this does go beyond sport and we support them in terms of that space. But we do miss them and welcome them back as soon as possible.
“We respect our fans, we love our fans and our club is not the same without our fans.
“We respect their right to boycott. We would like them to be at our game, they are a fundamental part of our organisation. We will miss them and hopefully there is a resolution very soon.”