Kamau on fire

Bruce Kamau

Belief has been a game changer for Bruce Kamau.

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Born in Kenya, Kamau moved to Australia when he was 4-years-old and began his footballing career as a junior at N.A.B before joining Campbelltown City in South Australia.

A football journey that saw him ply his trade at Adelaide City and Adelaide Olympic, it wasn’t long until Kamau burst onto the scene with Adelaide United in the A-League back in 2014.

Following two seasons at United, Kamau moved to Melbourne City before settling and finding a home at the Western Sydney Wanderers back in 2018.


Kamau was one of the final pieces of head coach Carl Robinson’s puzzle this season, re-signing late into the Wanderers pre-season preparations.

While it may have been a case of continuing his journey at the Wanderers, it felt like a fresh start for Kamau who has been enjoying a shift further up the pitch this season.

“It was good to get working with the boys and under the new boss,” said Kamau.

“Speaking with Carl himself and the football he was playing last year with Newcastle, and speaking to him and the kind of role that he’s been using me in higher up the pitch where I enjoy playing more.

“You can be a bit more creative and as a player that’s been something I’ve really enjoyed.

“All those reasons were really why I was happy to stay in the Red & Black for another year.”

Bruce Kamau

Kamau made over 40 appearances over his first two seasons at the Wanderers and has found a new sense of confidence in his third season.

The 25-year-old has scored two goals in his last two games and has quickly turned into the impact substitution the Wanderers have been missing for the last two seasons.

“I’m slowly getting back to full fitness and enjoying playing more and being more involved with the team” said Kamau.

“I’m just looking forward to when I’m able to contribute 100% and full once my bodies 100% where it needs to be.”

Bruce Kamau

Looking back on his time at the Wanderers so far, Kamau has ridden both the highs and the lows. From the Wanderers trials and tribulations at Sydney Olympic Park to the celebrations and return of Bankwest Stadium.

This season seems to have turned a new page in the book with the team’s mentality being a real game changer for the future.

“The boys have come in with a mindset of everything is possible this season for us,” explained Kamau.

“That’s credit to the staff and the coaches who’ve implemented that in the dressing room and the club again.

“I think you’ll find that this year there’s a real belief that we can go on and win the title and really challenge for silverware.”