Kamau ready to fire in Sydney Derby


Bruce Kamau knows exactly what to expect when it comes to the Sydney Derby on Saturday night.

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Bruce Kamau has experienced the highs and lows of the Sydney Derby during his three-year stint at the club so it comes as no surprise that he’s ready to embrace the intensity of the match this Saturday night.

Battle lines have been drawn across Sydney with Kamau noting that the fixture is a massive opportunity for the Wanderers to kickstart their run to the Finals Series with a very important three points. 

“Not just for us players,  but for the fans, it’s a big game,” said Kamau.

“Three points are at stake and it’s a massive game for us to come away with three points.”

Bruce Kamau

The Red & Black will have the home side advantage when it comes to the clash, hosting the second Sydney Derby of the season at their home ground of Bankwest Stadium.

“The home side advantage is big having our supporters behind our backs and giving that extra lift and push,” explained Kamau.

”When it comes down to it, having  that extra support from the crowd and playing at Bankwest is a real advantage that we can use to take all three points.”

Kamau has been a huge fan of the Sydney Derby prior to even joining the Wanderers and recalls tuning into the game to see the passion both on and off the field.

“I think even before I came to the club, I used to watch the Derbies and you could see how much  it meant to each set of fans,” said Kamau.

“It was always one of the games you mark down.

“Now having played in a few and being a Wanderer it’s massive and the importance of it for all of us and the fans, it’s a huge occasion.”

Bruce Kamau

Bragging rights are on the line and Kamau insists the Wanderers will need to be switched on from the outset to snatch all the points from their cross-town rivals.

“I think you don’t need to say too much, everyone as a player knows what they need to do,” said Kamau.

“When it comes down to it, everyone needs to be switched on and ready to fight, not just for us but for the fans.

“It’s the bragging rights of being able to say that you’ve won the Derby and you’ve beaten the other side of Sydney.

“For us and the fans, that’s a big thing.”

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