Last Sydney Derby Tickets


Missed out on tickets to this Saturday’s Sydney Derby? There is still one way you can secure your place in Wanderland.

There will be a limited number of tickets available at the gate but if you would like to jump the queue and confirm your ticket before you arrive, join our CheckinLine virtual queue.
CheckinLine is kind of like “camping out” for tickets online, only the platform does the camping out for you. CheckinLine will hold your place in a virtual line from Wednesday until Friday and requires a daily check-in to maintain your place.
You schedule what time you will check-in and you will be prioritised based on how accurately you check-in to your scheduled time.
If you finish in position 1-50, you will be sent an email on Saturday morning directing you to a box office window at the ground to redeem your tickets.
You may request one or two tickets. Tickets are $20 each.