Letter: from the White Ribbon Supporter


Brendan Hamill talks about the significance of White Ribbon Day. 

Today is an important occasion for the club as it marks our sixth annual White Ribbon Day Match. 

Each year, the club looks to draw attention to White Ribbon Australia’s message of stopping violence against women and creating a nation in which every woman lives in safety, free from all forms of abuse. 

This is my third year being involved and it’s a cause that the club and I are both very passionate about. 

It’s a sad reality that one in three women in Australia have experienced violence in some form, with the violence perpetrated by someone known to them. 

It’s an issue that affects us all, as one in four children in Australia are also exposed to domestic violence. 

It’s important that as a community we recognise that these statistics are completely unacceptable and make a commitment to actively do what we can to prevent such trends. 

As an athlete, I know that sport can be a powerful vehicle in spreading the message of White Ribbon and producing social change and it’s really pleasing to see the club supporting the campaign once again. 

At today’s game, White Ribbon merchandise will be sold around the stadium whilst a giant White Ribbon will be pinned on the Wanderers jersey before kick-off. 

At half-time, 60 children will enter the field with every third child donning a black shirt to represent the one in three women who have experienced violence in Australia. 

We’ll also be asking everyone to Take the Oath and promise to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women. 

White Ribbon Day was held last week on 25 November and it was great to see the cause supported so widely in the public eye. Hopefully the momentum sticks and we can continue to work towards creating a safer community for everyone. 

Together, we can help stop violence against women. 

Brendan Hamill 
Member #108985 
Western Sydney Wanderers FC