Live Chat with Lyall Recap


#AskLyall was a successful event with Head of the Hyundai A-League Lyall Gorman answering your questions on the future of the game and the new Sydney club.

#AskLyall was a successful social media event with Head of the Hyundai A-League Lyall Gorman answering your questions on the future of the game and the new Sydney club.

Mr. Gorman responded to your Tweets about venues, club colurs and marquee players among other things and the recap of the chat is below for you to view.

Esky asked: Can we also expect the announcement of a youth and women’s team? Maybe for the season after next #AskLyall

Lyall Gorman said @my_esky The plan is to have a #wleague and #nyl team in the first season subject to final budget development. #AskLyall

Sheeree Meaney asked @NewSydneyClub #AskLyall willANZ stadiums offer of big money have any affect on the decision about the regular home ground of the new club?

Lyall Gorman said: @imameaney We are negotiating with several stadia managers including ANZ but no decision has been made. Fans strongly support Parra Stadium

Raghu Shrestha ?asked: @raghusyasya #AskLyall When is the CEO, football director and Coach going to be announced?

Lyall Gorman said: @raghusyasya The CEO and coach appointsment will be made in the next fortnight. Other positions will follow in due course. #AskLyall
Jake Shorter asked Can you give any update on the introduction of an FFA Cup? #AskLyall

Lyall Gorman said@aussieshorter FFA Cup is still on the drawing board but a 2013 kick-off is part of our strategic plan. #AskLyall

.@wsydfan asked: Memberships should be on sale by the first week of July. #AskLyall

Lyall Gorman said@wsydfan: #Asklyall The FFA must have some idea by now of where the home ground will be, when will memberships be available

Damien Hennessy ?asked @lehoodooguru #AskLyall to maximise exposure for @NewSydneyClub, will the @ALeague prioritise some free-to-air coverage in the next tv deal?

Lyall Gorman said@lehoodooguru We are talking to all networks, pay and FTA. We need to have committed broadcast partners. #AskLyall

Andrew French asked @andrewfrench91: Will the WS club have a Marquee Player, and will the FFA fund it?? #AskLyall @NewSydneyClub

Lyall Gorman said@andrewfrench91 No decision will be made until coach appointed. No guarantee there will be. Any decision will be made by the club not FFA.

CKing asked @c_king87: As a teacher at Westfields Sports HS I want to know will the new team get schools involved and how are they going to do this?

Lyall Gorman said: @c_king87 We hope to have an ambassador programme where each school will have a teacher who is connected to the club. #AskLyall

Adrian Rosney asked: @ALeague Lyall Gorman – what faith should supporters put into a new Sydney team when the league has lost 3 clubs in 3yrs? #AskLyall

Lyall Gorman said:@dublinboy73 Have faith that football’s heartland in WS is the most fertile ground for an A-League club to be established. cont’d…

WOW West Sydney asked: #AskLyall Will the new #westsydneyclub welcome more fan involvement, as opposed to other clubs? eg @WOWS_WestSydney

Lyall Gorman said: @wows_westsydney Let’s re-affirm – community engagement will be at the core of club. We are open to ideas that could bring this to life.

Tom Simpson asked: @NewSydneyClub have any gold coast players under FFA contracts been

Lyall Gorman said: @tomsimpson88 No. Recruitment decisions will be made by the new coach in line with culture and values emerging from our fan forums.

RT @michaelhuguenin said: How will @FFA ensure there is no conflict of interest while running both @ALeague and @NewSydneyClub ?

Lyall Gorman said: @michaelhuguenin Very soon you will see a separate independent board and management totally removed from FFA #AskLyall