Marcelo and Wanderers ready for test against Everton

Isuzu UTE A-League captain Marcelo on the club’s historic clash against Everton on Wednesday night at CommBank Stadium.

Marcelo and the Wanderers will face their first international opponent in two years after previously taking Leeds United down to the wire in 2019 at Wanderland.

While it is a fresh new squad and new coach compared to 2019, Marcelo and the Red & Black will be hoping to repeat the same efforts of putting Western Sydney on the map in the Sydney Super Cup fixture.

“We are very excited for the match against Everton,” said Marcelo.

“It’s an opportunity for us to test our level against some internationals and these kind of games are important to keep us on track.

“I hope we can do well and we will be in front of our members and fans. We always need to give 100% when we go onto the pitch.”

The Wanderers Isuzu UTE A-League squad are in the midst of a FIFA break due to the World Cup with the clash against Everton vital for the squad to get some competitive minutes in the legs.

“The match is important to keep us fit and also test our qualities in the current season,” said Marcelo.

“It’s also important to keep progressing ourselves with different skills as a team, I’m sure that this challenge will be very important for the rest of the season.”

Everton will be heading into the match off the back of a win over Celtic in the Sydney Super Cup with Marcelo confident that the Red & Black can put one over the Blues.

“We expect that Everton will play at a high level,” said Marcelo.

“These kind of clubs always want to win and that’s the spirit we want to put in our minds as well. Every game is a big game for us.”

Match Details
Everton FC v Western Sydney Wanderers FC
Wednesday 23 November 2022, 7:45pm
CommBank Stadium