Matos growing in confidence

Danika Matos

After solidifying her spot in the Wanderers starting eleven last season, defender Danika Matos is ready to have another big season at the club. 

The 21-year-old had a breakout season with the club in 2020/21 which saw her go from strength to strength in the Wanderers backline. 

Matos featured in eleven matches in what was her second season of the W-League competition and has credited the club’s environment for her rapid growth. 

“I gained a lot of confidence last season,” said Matos.

“I grew not only as a footballer but as a person in a positive way.

“I’m loving and enjoying every training session, game, and trip away at the club.

“The W-League has grown so much in my last three seasons and it’s good to see it continuing to do so.”

Danika Matos

The Wanderers over the last three seasons have become known for developing and giving opportunities to young players and have more recently been making strides in the women’s football space with their free Future Wander Women Program.

For Matos, such opportunities to young players like herself is vital for establishing a strong next generation of female footballers. 

“It’s an amazing opportunity (to get experience in the W-League) for not only myself but many other young players in the same boat,” said Matos.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I cannot wait to see it continue to do so for all the younger generations coming through. 

“I think it’s very important for other clubs to give young players the opportunity to try and break into the W-League.”

Danika Matos

With the Wanderers W-League pre-season preparations set to kick-off next month at the club’s Centre of Football, Matos is hoping that it’ll be the start of making her dreams of a second Finals Series appearance come true. 

“I want to develop more and grow as a player,” said Matos.

“I want to make as many appearances as possible and gain a starting position at the Wanderers.

“I would love to make the Finals Series again and to be in the Final would just be a dream come true.”