Mum’s The Word At The Trifiro Household


Mum is certainly a popular word used around the Trifiro household.

Mum is certainly a popular word used around the Trifiro household.

Brothers Michael (30), Jason (24) and Glenn (23) are all gearing up for what is a busy week at their Glenwood residence where football is the main theme as it always has been, 365 days a year.

The queen of the pad, Nora, waits patiently as she and her husband (Joe) prepare for another long day of football.

Her football sons Jason, currently playing with the 2012 A-League Premiers Western Sydney Wanderers, and Glen, currently with Sydney United 58, are preparing for their matches as both parents select which son they-ll be watching that night.

“It isn-t an easy choice I must say.

“We love watching them both play but tonight I am off to see Jason,” said a chirpy Mrs Trifiro.

Apart from the two boys mentioned, older brother Michael was also a footballer, but now plays full time supporter and watches as many matches as possible keeping a close eye on how his siblings are performing, something Nora is very proud of.

“Michael was our first footballer in the family, although he doesn-t play it any more, it-s great to see him support the boys, we-re a close knit family.

“I-ve been a soccer mum for over 25 years now, Michael was my first son to play the game at the age of 5 so we started with him and then it developed through the other two.”

The road to football has taken the Trifiro clan to many places with their boys playing for a number of teams such as Perth Glory, Central Coast Mariners and they even dabbed into the local Victorian Premier League where they stayed for two seasons.

“We have followed the boys- success since they were able to kick a ball.

“We-ve gone to many places around Australia supporting them, from when they were going through the institute programs at Football NSW to the Victorian Premier League, to our Premier League here and also the A-League.”

Asked whether Jason or Glen had any pre-match requests, Nora replied with a smile.

“That-s an easy one.

“They-re always wanting a bowl of pasta at lunch, its mum-s speciality dish.”

The busy mother of three, who also works in the retail industry, has been busily juggling both her sons- football careers along with everyday life with the man of the house, but it-s something she wouldn-t change for the world.

“We love it.

“We-ve also made many lifelong friends from our kids playing football but have enjoyed watching them grow up, develop and mature into the men they are today.”

Apart from the enjoyment factor, Nora believes that playing football has certainly laid the foundations of her kids having a healthier lifestyle, something she preaches to other parents looking to getting their children involved in sport.

“Football is a great sport.

“It keeps the kids off the streets, keeps them fit and healthy and who knows, if they follow their dreams and realise them, they can make a living out of it.

“As parents we love knowing that the boys are doing something that they have a strong passion for and that-s all that matters.”

With the backdrop of Football NSW-s headquarters Valentine Sports Park as their backyard, it was hard to see all three boys not take up the sport but they all had a special message to mum.

“Our mum is number one.

“We thank her for what she has given us and hope she continues to come to all of our other matches for as long as possible,” the Trifiro brothers ended.

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