Nicole da Silva challenges you to celebrate women everyday


Wanderers Ambassador and TV star Nicole da Silva says that we shouldn’t limit the celebration of women to just International Women’s Day as the Club launches the new Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program.

Growing up in the suburbs of Western Sydney, da Silva always found the female figures in her family to be big influences in her life.

“My Mum has always been a huge inspiration and role model to me. She set the example very early on to think for myself and make my own way.

“My grandmother was also a fierce and wonderful woman. I grew up with many stories of the women in my family carving a way for themselves, challenging expectations; and that tenacity undoubtedly runs through my veins.”

As countries all around the globe celebrate womanhood for International Women’s Day, da Silva acknowledges that we should be doing more to highlight the achievements of women.

“We need to challenge the latent bias and celebrate the huge contributions that women have made to society thus far.

“We definitely don’t do that enough. International Women’s Day is a great step towards that, but it’s really just the start.”

 “International Women’s Day is the perfect platform to open up the conversation about what each of us can do to actively support gender equality. That is a job for both men and women.”

da Silva works closely with the United Nation’s Women National Committee Australia and works hard to empower women and girls from all around the world.

More recently, she was welcomed to the Western Sydney Wanderers family as an Ambassador for the Club and it’s task she tasks very seriously.

“Being a Wanderers Ambassador means a lot to me. I grew up in the Western suburbs, and that information was often met with a negative assumption or stereotype.

“I’m proud to have been raised in the West and it’s important for me to challenge those stigmas.

“For that reason, it’s a real joy of mine to be an Ambassador for The Wanderers and cheer for Red & Black.”

With the Wanderers tying in the launch of their new Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program announcement with today’s festivities of International Women’s Day, it’s a great opportunity for the community to provide long-term support to our female athletes.

“I think the Wanderers new mentoring program is a great initiative to support our female athletes. Considering how undervalued our sportswomen are generally, I’m all for a bit of added support.”

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