Community, Pathway and Football Development Philosophy


Community, Pathway and Football Development Philosophy

At WSW our aim is higher than just having a community development program. We strive to be a major contributor and positive part of the community itself.

Being “Australia’s newest, oldest Football Club” provides us with a remarkable responsibility and opportunity to build on the rich history and contribution of the many clubs, associations and individuals who have gone before us and to acknowledge, respect and take to new levels the proud traditions and values that so abundantly exist in our great game across the Western Sydney region.

We proudly stand on the shoulders of these pioneers and are fully committed to advancing their legacy for those many Western Sydney sons and daughters who continue to love and so passionately participate in our game.

We are fully committed to being a market leader and to making a true difference to these young people through our various connectivity, engagement and development pathways which we will build and grow in partnership with those communities, associations and clubs which characterise our unique domain.

Underpinning this commitment and drive will be key principles including:

Strength in Unity

An organisation, who thinks that they are stronger and better than the people they support, will never have the full strength of their community behind them. We are humble in the fact that the sum of our parts is what will make us great and we will fully recognize all of those parts especially:


  • Local State and Premier League Clubs
  • Associations and Member Federation
  • Representative and Foundation Clubs
  • Schools
  • The Community
  • Government and Private Sector

A Pathway for Heroes

One of our core opportunities is that of creating heroes. While we do not create them fully ourselves we are the conduit through which we can help talented youngsters live out their dreams and become the stars they once looked up to. We take this responsibility seriously and will provide a fair, organized and world standard environment through which our young boys and girls will be nurtured and developed.

Make a Difference

We are here for the footballing community, school communities, the local community, the corporate community and the greater community combined. While we aim to increase the size of our football community, it is the overall community itself in which we aim to make a real difference and add value to. We will do this both through our football programs as well as our specifically targeted education and social programs to best help those who will benefit most from our support. We must and will make a difference!

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Our programs and players will be accessible to as many people as possible. All players who join our club must be willing to give back to the community which supports them. Our programs will reach out to as many different players in as many age groups as we can. We will support the associations and clubs to help provide greater infrastructure for development. We will always aim to include those with special needs and to provide support programs which use football to truly make a difference. We will be there for them and they will be there for us.

Quality is Paramount

Whenever we run a program it will always be of the highest quality. Whether it is an introductory program or an elite program, everything we do will always make those who attend better for having been there. We will help spread a focus on quality development and excellence in whatever form is needed.

A Culture of Development

In order to grow a club and region which has a culture of development we must expect all who work within our organisation to embrace continuous improvement. This comes through the ideology that we are not perfect, but we are willing to educate ourselves and be humble enough to learn from others to become the best we can be. While we may never reach it, we will aim for perfection and we will expect all who align with us to do the same.