Pierias ready to achieve big things

Dylan Pierias has already had some great achievements in his career to date; he was the first player born in the 21st century to play in the A-League Men, he won a championship with Western United, and he was part of the Olyroos side that went to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The 23-year-old has now joined the Western Sydney Wanderers and is looking to achieve big in Red & Black, and the exciting winger says his expectations have been matched during his first pre-season with the club.

“The expectation has met the reality, for me. (The) Wanderers are a massive club, It represents a lot, and I was really excited when I signed,” said Pierias.

“The professionalism here, the standards, it’s everything that I wanted. And even to the fans, you know, playing that FFA (Australia) Cup game at Marconi Stadium, you could just sense the fans already, that’s something I haven’t had at my other clubs just yet, so I’m really excited.”

It has been a tough pre-season for Pierias and the Wanderers, with the squad once again having a long pre-season camp in the Gold Coast to build fitness and team chemistry and a host of new faces are in the side for the upcoming season.

Whilst Pierias admits it sometimes isn’t easy, it is a necessary sacrifice to make sure you are at the top of your game.

“I think preseason is a bit of a love-hate thing with players, (I think) football players tend to be a little bit lazy. Pre-season for me, it is hard, you have to expect that, you need to prepare for the season.

“But at the same time, it’s where you get your real good work in as well, your muscle strength, getting on the ball, getting your fitness, so it’s very important.

“I’m loving the preseason at the moment, especially the program that Elias (Boukarim) and Ray (Younis) has got us going with, I’m really enjoying it.”

Pierias is also relishing the chance to be reunited with one of his close friends Lachlan Brook, who also joined the club in the off-season. The pair will hope their off the pitch bond will see them combine well on the pitch, where Brook scored five goals on debut.

“I think anyone would want their best mates playing with them, And obviously, I have the privilege of rooming with Lachie (Brook).

“We have that kind of that special bond, where we really just get each other. We haven’t seen each other in five, six years, probably, and you know, when you have that connection with someone, as soon as we linked up here, it was like I was seeing him yesterday.”

Despite this being the first time Pierias will be plying his trade outside of Melbourne, he says there are similarities between the people of Western Sydney and where he grew up in West Melbourne.

“Growing up in the west of Melbourne, it’s similar to here because it’s same cultural backgrounds, a lot of diversity, and just good hard working people, And that’s what my family was like.

“So coming here, and now we’re getting out in the community a bit, seeing the fans. I love it because that’s me, and I can really relate to them.”

Pierias, who has played 97 times in the A-League to date, is looking forward to passing the 100 game mark and on achieving big things at the Wanderers and he feels right at home in Western Sydney.

“To come to a special club like this – because that’s what I think it is – I get this real special feeling at this club.

“That family culture and the fan base and everything I think that’s been a main highlight for me. I’m really happy.”