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May 09, 2019   |  12:24AM AET

Preview: E-League Grand Final

Preview: E-League Grand Final

Nine weeks of competition and preparation have led to this moment. The 10 Playstation 4 & 10 Xbox competitors now have the chance to compete for individual E-League glory and FIFA Global Series Points.

Nine weeks of competition and preparation have led to this moment. The 10 Playstation 4 & 10 Xbox competitors now have the chance to compete for individual E-League glory and FIFA Global Series Points.


Adelaide United – Rick “RickTran” Tran

Coming into the Grand Final with the seventh seed, Adelaide’s Rick Tran has a tough road ahead of him. After moving from Western Sydney to Adelaide for Season 2, Rick has had plenty of up and down moments so far and will be eager to rectify them if he wants to reach the console final. His first opponent is Perth’s Zacmac and with Rick being the higher seed, a win would see him face off against first seed Sarge_Fifa.

Brisbane Roar – Dylan “AussieFIFAHD” Banks

After an incredible debut season with the Brisbane Roar which saw them finish in second place this season, AussieFIFA has certainly established himself as one of the top competitors in Australia. He has consistently produced top quality performances against the best players. His first opponent will most likely be Sydney FC’s FUTWIZ Marko, who has a growing number of accolades and would be a tough opponent for AussieFIFA to overcome.

Central Coast Mariners – Jesse “JesseD1996” Da Silva

JesseD has had a mixed debut season in the E-League; a number of successful results as well as some unsuccessful ones see him take the 6th seed where he faces City’s Saisanas. Despite Saisanas having a tough end to the regular season, his experience will help him in this close fixture against JesseD.

Melbourne City – Peter “Saisanas” Saisanas

Having switched from Perth to Melbourne City for Season 2, Saisanas showed everyone his class early on with a dominant start to the season. Unfortunately his personal results suffered at the end of the season which saw him end up with the 3rd seed for the Grand Final and facing off against Central Coast’s JesseD. With his experience from Season 1, Saisanas will could move onto what could be a Melbourne Derby Semi Final against Victory’s Sarge_Fifa. 

Melbourne Victory – Sarge “Sarge_Fifa” Singh

Having gone most of his debut season undefeated, there are few that can argue against Sarge_Fifa’s quality and ability on the virtual pitch. With the 1st seed heading into the Grand Final, Sarge is in the prime position to go all the way to the Console Final and having beaten his potential opponents during the regular season, a top two finish is on the cards. However,  Sarge may then have to face another talented player in FUTWIZ Marko.

Newcastle Jets – Christian “Fweshest” Bartolilo

Having moved across the virtual ditch from the Wellington Phoenix to the Newcastle Jets, Fweshest has had an improved second season claiming the 8th seed. Despite the improvements, he faces FUTWIZ Marko who is favoured by many to take the PS4 side.

Perth Glory – Zachary “Zacmac” MacGregor

Predicted Finish: 10th

Making his season debut midway through the season after originally being the Perth substitute, Zacmac showed some promising signs in the weeks he played. Due to the poor start however, he finds himself with the 10th seed, and although he managed to find some good form towards the end of the season, he faces a tough road ahead of him.

Sydney FC – Mark “FUTWIZ Marko” Brijeski

Having been missing for most of the season after spending time in Europe competing around the various FUT Champions Cup tournaments, as well as the FIFA eNations Cup and eChampions League, FUTWIZ Marko makes his return with the 9th seed for the Grand Final. Despite being so lowly seeded, there are few doubts about the class he possesses and whether he will be able to go all the way in the finals. With all his experience from the Season 1 Grand Final where he unfortunately fell in the PS4 Final to JoshingWood, fans will be eager to see him go one better this year.

Wellington Phoenix – Omer “oCenk” Cenk

Another one of the Season 2 debutants, oCenk impressed everyone week in and week out with his results that saw him claim the 4th seed for the finals. With a tough first quarter final match-up in store, oCenk has a difficult task ahead of him if he is to progress to the Semi Final.

Western Sydney Wanderers – Joel “N8 Jaz” Andruszkiewicz

One of the top players in the region who also made his debut this season, N8 Jaz also boasts plenty of Global Event experience that will certainly help him in the Grand Finals. Should he get through his tough quarter final match-up, it’s the semi-final that will test his skills as he will most likely face Sydney’s FUTWIZ Marko in a virtual Sydney Derby. 


Adelaide United – Jamie “FUTWIZ Jamie” O’Doherty

In his second E-League season, FUTWIZ Jamie will be looking to continue the improvements he made during the regular season. After a difficult start, Jamie bounced back towards the end picking up regular victories and securing the 7th seed. The road to the Grand Final won’t be easy, but with Global Event experience, Jamie can be confident in securing a top four finish.

Brisbane Roar – Andy “AKP0” Phanouvong

After a rough debut season for the Brisbane Roar, Akp0 will be hoping that he can turn his 2nd seed into a good placing in the Grand Finals. Despite not having the best form to finish the regular season, Akp0 showed plenty of glimpses into his ability as a player and will be hoping to do better. With a tough bracket however, Akp0 may struggle to perform against some of Australia’s best.

Central Coast Mariners – Kiran “KyrenFIFA” Gupta

King Gupta continued the form he showed in Season 1 of the E-League by continuing to impress and it showed as he consistently managed to perform at a high level during the season securing him the 6th seed. His quarter final opponent will definitely make things tough for Kyren as it is none other than City’s Marcus Gomes who many favour as winning the Grand Final.

Melbourne City – Marcus “Marcus Gomes” Gomes

After a strong Season 1 campaign which saw him make the Grand Final, only to lose to eventual winner Samer96, Marcus has once again shown everyone just how good he is in Season 2. With the 3rd seed for the Finals, Marcus will be the person to beat, which will be very difficult given he’s currently ranked 12th in the World on the Xbox Console. 

Melbourne Victory – Mouad “Mouad Zwed” Zwed

Predicted Finish: 5th

Few would have predicted what Mo Zwed would do in Season 2, but he quickly established himself as one of the players to beat this season. Constantly breaking goal scoring records, Mo has provided plenty for fans to celebrate with and with the 1st seed, he will be hoping to get to the Grand Final. 

Newcastle Jets – Liz “N8 Liz” Varley

The first female to ever compete in a FIFA event, Liz has set herself up to etch her name into the history books of the E-League and has constantly proven many wrong. Having the 8th seed for the Grand Finals, Liz will be hoping to continue her determined performances and progress towards the quarter finals. With her first round match-up against Sydney’s Nfamous Shadow, Liz has a tough job ahead of her if she wants to take her hometown Newcastle Jets as far as possible.

Perth Glory – David “N8 Highfly” Cook

Despite consistently performing against the best players in Australia, Season 1 veteran N8 Highfly finds himself with the 10th seed and a very tough bracket to fight through. There’s no questioning Highfly’s ability despite his seed, and he will be hoping that being the underdog going into each series can work in his favour allowing him to progress towards the Console Final.

Sydney FC – Necat “Nfamous_Shadow8” Gorgec

Debuting this season with his unique 3-5-2 formation, Nfamous quickly set out to be one of the competitors to keep an eye on. Securing the 9th seed, Nfamous will be hoping his unique approach to the game will continue to keep his opponents off guard as he looks to finish what has been a strong debut season on a high note.

Wellington Phoenix – Justin “N8 JustManUtd” Josevski

Continuing to represent the Phoenix in the second season, N8 JustManUtd consistently performed each week and even managed to upset some of the competitions best. With the 4th seed he will be hoping that he can continue to cause upsets in the competition and progress to what would be a deserved spot in the Console Final. It won’t be an easy road, but expect JustManUtd to be up for the challenge.

Western Sydney Wanderers – Joseph “N8 OhNoAGoat” Nassar

Also returning to the same club he represented in the first season, Western Sydney’s N8 OhNoAGoat continued to show off his abilities on the virtual pitch. With the 5th seed, Goat gives himself the best opportunity to use his recent Global Event experience and propel himself into the Console Final which would be an outstanding achievement.