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Feb 08, 2021   |  7:18AM AET

Robinson and the Victory

Robinson and the Victory

Head coach Carl Robinson is expecting a tough match against Melbourne Victory on Wednesday night at Bankwest Stadium.

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It’s been a quick turnaround for the Red & Black who most recently played on Saturday night against Macarthur in Campbelltown. 

With only two days to prepare for the match, Robinson gave his troops Sunday off after earning the rest day thanks to their immense second half performance.

“I gave them Sunday off as they needed the rest and deserved it, especially after that second half performance,” said Robinson. 

“So we’ll pick a team for Wednesday night that will go out and win the game.” 


Looking back on Saturday night’s fixture, a couple of home truths from Robinson during half-time spurred the Wanderers on to have one of their most impressive second half performances in recent history. 

The Red & Black fought back twice to level with Macarthur and two world-class goals from Graham Dorrans and Simon Cox not only saw the honours shared but also what’s in store for the future.   

“I’ve never met a player or team yet, that goes out there to not actually play well,” said Robinson. 

“I told the players a few home truths (at half-time) but we weren’t really really bad, we just weren’t good. 

“I knew we could increase our levels about 15-20% each player and if we do that collectively then it makes a big difference in the team and that’s what happened. 

“We then started the second half on the front foot, from that we gained a bit more momentum which is why we played so good in the second half.” 

Bernie Ibini

The Red & Black have had a positive start to the season and after six matches are yet to concede from open play.

The Wanderers have conceded six set pieces something which isn’t yet of concern for Robinson. 

“It depends which way you look at it. When you actually break down the six set pieces, two penalties and a wide free kick at Newcastle, there’s been a deflected free kick and two corners on Saturday,” said Robinson. 

“The first corner (on Saturday) was not good defending from us. We were in the wrong position. 

“The second goal, the boys just outjumped our defender Patrick (Ziegler), so I don’t think it’s a big issue”. 

Patrick Ziegler

The Wanderers have had two days to prepare for tonight’s fixture against Victory, a classic rivalry between the A-League’s two biggest clubs both on and off the field. 

Though the contrast between the two sides start to the season couldn’t be any more different.  

Victory have been stuck to the bottom of the ladder while the Wanderers have seemingly been pushing themselves further and further up the other end.

Though as Robinson admits, it’s still very early on in the season to write off any opposition teams.

“They’ve got good players, let’s not be mistaken about that,” said Robinson. 

“It’s early in the season and you’re trying to find your groove. Some teams have found their groove already and some teams are probably below their levels at the moment. 

“They have some good players and when they are fit, they will be a very tough proposition. 

“Grant (Victory head coach Grant Brebner) will say to them a few things so they will be looking for a response, but so are we. 

“We want to start off on a positive note at home and it’s going to be very difficult game.” 

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