Robinson pushing forward


Head coach Carl Robinson on players stepping up and embracing the past to push forward in the future.

Robinson spoke to the media on the first day of the club’s A-League pre-season about the departures of key players from the 2019/20 squad and how he plans to make his mark on the squad for the coming season.

“The spine of your team is very important in any successful team,” said Robinson.

“(On the departures of Duke, Jurman, and Schwegler) They’re three key players, three experienced players who’ve done very well for the football club.

“So they’re going to be three target areas that we need to address moving forward but in the meantime, it gives the opportunity for some young players to step up.

“Dylan (McGowan) and (Keanu) Baccus and people like that – I need to actually grow them more now and I think they will, when they’re challenged. 

Keanu Baccus

Robinson has been embracing the Wanderers reputation in his first week at the club, using it as a way to motivate and challenge the players during his pre-season preparations.

“The football club’s massive and there’s two ways of looking at it,” explained Robinson.

“You can say it’s really big and be fearful of it – or you can say it’s massive and want to be part of something that you want to change, move forward and get back to the success (the club) had previously.

“I look at it as a challenge, I want to embrace the challenge, I’ve challenged the players and I will challenge the players to embrace that challenge.

“Because whatever football club you go to, (players say) they want to be at big clubs.