The two reasons that drove Schwegler to return


Pirmin Schwegler opens up about what drove his decision-making to return to Australia, the importance of mentality and the team’s Finals chances. 

During the league lockdown period, Schwegler and his family returned home to Germany where they have spent the last three months before spending a stint in hotel quarantine. 

Having only reunited with the Red & Black early last week, the talented midfielder is happy to finally be out of hotel quarantine and be back on the pitch.

“It feels great, of course it was tough these 14 days (in quarantine), but of course at the beginning I had jetlag so I slept a lot,” said Schwegler.

“Then I had to find my structure so, it was a part of coming back and I knew it before (coming back) so it’s good to be back and to be free.”

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Reflecting on some of the Wanderers performances prior to the shutdown period, Schwegler believes that the teams improved mentality drove them to get some vital results.

“It’s all about mentality and we had the best mentality in this period.  So the success was there and then it was really sad that we had this break,” explained Schwegler.

“To be honest, I never thought that we could finish the season in April and when I left in April, I was really sad to go back (to Europe).

“I was in contact with JP (head coach Jean-Paul de Marigny) the whole time and in June he said to me there is a chance to come back to finish the season. 

“I said to him straight, okay I’ll be there if there’s a chance.”


Without hesitation, Schwegler returned back to Australia for two simple reasons – to set an example for the next generation and to support his teammates in their push to the Finals. 

“To be honest, the main reason (I returned) is to support my teammates,” explained Schwegler. 

“I know it’s a tough time for everyone and for them it’s very important that this league will continue and it was important for me to support them. 

“I had the same when I was a young player, the older players who supported me and pushed me. 

“Now it was time for me to do this.”


The Wanderers will tonight continue their Hyundai A-League campaign against the Mariners at Central Coast Stadium, the first of five games in a 17 day period.

For Schwegler and the Red & Black, it’s all about giving everything they’ve got and you can tune into all the action here. 

“Of course we still have the chance to make the Finals, so we have to give everything and the chance is there so we want to be ready,” said Schwegler. 

“Everything is possible here in Australia so we train for this.

“Our mentality has to be on top and then let’s see.”