SEDA Group: Day in the Life by Max

Max from the Western Sydney Wanderers Sport & Business Program shares his day-to-day experiences in the one-year dual Diploma program powered by SEDA Group.

Pursuing my passion for sports and dreaming of a future in the industry, each day is filled with practical learning experiences and the opportunity to work closely with one of Australia’s most renowned football clubs.

My alarm goes off early, and I eagerly make my way to the Wanderers’ training facility, excited for the day ahead. As I arrive, I’m greeted by a team of experienced coaches and professionals who are always ready to share their knowledge with us.

The morning starts with coaching clinics, where I join the Wanderers’ coaches in delivering fun and engaging sessions to young students in our community. It’s incredible to see the impact we can have on these kids’ lives through sport.

The smiles on their faces as they improve their skills and grow in confidence is truly rewarding. This hands-on experience helps me develop my coaching skills, communication abilities, and the art of inspiring others through the game I love.

I’ve also been fortunate to be part of new initiatives led by the Wanderers. One exciting project is the Asian Cup, a prestigious tournament that showcases the teams from within the community.

2023 Wanderers Asian Cup presented by the J Cheng Group

Being involved in the organisation of such a significant, multicultural, event gives me insights into event management and the behind-the-scenes efforts required to host a sporting competition. 

Throughout the day, I seize every opportunity to learn and grow. I engage in conversations with professionals from different departments within the club, seeking their guidance and gaining insights into various aspects of the sports industry. Whether it’s discussing marketing strategies, analysing player performance, or understanding the financial side of running a football club, I absorb knowledge like a sponge, eager to apply it to my future career.

As the semester winds down, I reflect on the incredible experiences I’ve had as a SEDA Diploma student at the Western Sydney Wanderers. I feel privileged to be part of such a supportive and passionate community, where my love for sports is nurtured, and my dreams are encouraged.

This “day in the life” story is just a glimpse into my journey as a SEDA Diploma student.

Each day brings new challenges, learning opportunities, and a deeper connection to the world of sports.

Through practical experiences and working closely with the Wanderers, I’m taking confident steps toward my future career, fuelled by my passion, dedication, and the unwavering support of the Western Sydney Wanderers family.

Contact Details

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The Western Sydney Wanderers FC works in collaboration with SEDA Group RTO: 22503 on marketing and promotional services relating to the recruitment of prospective students for this program. This program consists of SIS50321 Diploma of Sport and BSB50120 Diploma of Business. SEDA Group is responsible for the training and assessment and the issuance of AQF certification documents. Information accurate as at April 2023.