Teenage Dreams: Nevin and Cooney-Cross reaching for the rings

Courtney Nevin

Being called up to the Westfield Matildas for the first time isn’t something you forget quickly. For Courtney Nevin, it’ll be a memory-filled with friends.

She found out while watching TV thanks to fellow Westfield Matildas call-up, Kyra Cooney Cross.

“We were in the lounge room watching friends and Kyra was on the phone and then she turned to me and she goes ‘oh, congratulations’. And I was like ‘what?’ And then she showed me the phone and I saw the email.” Nevin told matildas.com.au.

It was a special moment for the friends who have played together in multiple teams across NPLW, W-League, and the youth national teams.  


“Yeah, Courtney and I have been together since Junior Matildas and also W-League and I think getting to share the experience going to the senior national team camp, it’s exciting.” Cooney-Cross explained.

“I’m really proud of her and excited for her. She’s been working really hard during W-League and in the Future Matildas program. Yeah, I’m really just really happy for Courtney.”

Cooney-Cross has yet to make her debut but is more familiar with the team after being a standby player for the Westfield Matildas at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France in 2019. That experience is something Nevin will look to as she enters her first senior camp.  

“Yeah, it’ll be good to have somebody there that knows what to expect. And yeah, just to have that support around me will be really good. And especially since it’s my best friend.”

With the possibility of debuts and the Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, this call up is an opportunity both players are looking forward to.

 “I think we’ve just got to enjoy the moment, be ourselves and show Tony what we can do.” Cooney-Cross said.