Thomas: Everything is earned out here

Goalkeeper Lawrence Thomas on how special it is to be playing for his hometown club for the very first time and his ambitions for success.

The Toongabbie local is set to represent the Red & Black in the A-Leagues for the first time after a decorated career both domestically and abroad.

“It’s very special for me to be back playing at home for the first time in my career professionally and I have a genuine ambition to win things,” said Thomas.

“I think it’s one thing to say, ok, try to do our best this year and so on but I have a genuine ambition to win the league and even do stuff in Asia, to be honest.”

Such ambition makes this season personal for Thomas, who grew up around the corner from Wanderers Football Park and played his junior football for the likes of Winston Hills Bears, Marconi Stallions, Blacktown City and the Australian Institute of Sport.

“I think that everything is earned out here,” reflected Thomas.

“I think growing up, I don’t want to make it sound like we’re from the ghetto or something, but in terms of all the success you get coming here is because you’ve worked hard for it.

“Nothing’s really spoon fed out here.”

Such pride in region will no doubt be a driving factor for Thomas who hopes with the team’s success on the pitch that the Wanderers can rebuild their fortress at CommBank Stadium.

“I remember coming to Parramatta with Victory and it might have been the first or second year the Wanderers were in the league and the sound was unbelievable,” reflected Thomas.

“So it’s a goal of mine through hopefully, success on the field that we make it the best atmosphere in the country.

“I’ll just say we will get what we earn every day here and then whatever that is, we can do an interview after and talk about how we earned it.”

Wanderers Membership goes on sale on 1 September 2022.