UPDATE | Ticketed Memberships


With the renewal period for Wanderers Ticketed Members now over, the Membership team will now focus on the allocation of the renewed Ticketed Members.

The allocation of renewing Members is a time-consuming process that takes several weeks to complete and following this time, all un-renewed seats will be made available to Supporter and Out of Towner Members looking to upgrade.

If there are any remaining Memberships after this process they will be released to the General Public where new members who require a reserved seat will be able to purchase.

We thank you for your support and ask that you please be patient as we endeavour to allocate our Members seating as quickly as possible before offering upgrades to our Supporter and Out of Towners.

Should you wish to purchase a new ticketed Membership, then we urge you to purchase either a Supporter or Out of Towner Membership to ensure your inclusion on our Ticketed Membership Waiting List.

Due to the current number of ticketed members, high renewal rate and the capacity of the stadium, we are limited in our ability to accommodate new Ticketed Members. To assist with making access to Ticketed Membership easier for all our supporters, the Wanderers Ticketed Membership Waiting List has been developed as a feature of the Supporter and Out of Towner Membership packages.

Supporter and Out of Towner Members are given first option to purchase an upgrade as Ticketed Membership vacancies become available after the Renewal Period and allocation of renewing Ticketed Members has concluded. Please note that ability to upgrade is strictly based on availability and priority is based on receipt of purchase of the Supporter or Out of Towner Membership.

Where an upgrade is not able to be completed for a Supporter or Out of Towner Member, these Members will be given priority access to purchase tickets for Hyundai A-League home matches through Ticketmaster.

To purchase a Supporter or Out of Towner Membership or to view the fantastic benefits and inclusions of these packages, please visit wanderland.com.au