Wanderers and Kappa launch commemorative season 10 home jersey

Western Sydney Wanderers FC have tonight launched their A-League and W-League Kappa 2021/22 home replica jerseys.

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A homage to the club’s tenth season, both jerseys feature 10 Red & Black hoops to celebrate the historic season.

The Wanderers new badge for their 10th season in their respective competitions also appears on the heart of the jersey, capturing the unity and intertwined multicultural community that the Red & Black represent.

The years “2012-22” and wording “Season 10” commemorate this club milestone and is further emphasised through the white half-rings connecting the anniversary.

The back of the home jersey also features the Season X motif, a defining moment remembering what the club has achieved and what’s yet to come.Season 10 Motif

The Kappa replica kit, modelled in the photographs of the shoot, features the Gold Kappa Omni on the left-side of the chest.

While, the official player kit will have the Kappa Omni in the centre of the chest along with updated league branding.

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