Wanderers to the Gong


Last Sunday, November 5, on a wet and blustery morning, a team of dedicated Western Sydney Wanderers fans embarked on the 36th MS Sydney to Gong ride. 

The idea of participating in the ride came about when team captain, Les Majoros, saw cyclists wearing Wanderers jerseys on the previous three Sydney to Gong rides. 

It made sense then for Majoros to bring Wanderers fans together to form a team. 

The MS Gong ride is 82 kilometres long and traverses up and down some steep hills.

Though some of the Wanderers team were seasoned veterans of the ride, for most, it was their first time attempting such an event.

Gong ride

The wet and slippery conditions made the journey difficult and even more challenging. The steep downhill sections through Waterfall and Stanwell Tops had every rider on the edge of their saddle. 

Despite the wet conditions, the Wanderers enjoyed the ride.

The Wanderers cycling jerseys were a great conversation starter along the journey as every rider has an interesting story to tell. 

The team managed to fundraise over three and a half thousand dollars in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.  

For more information on how you can get involved, click here

Team members: 12
Team fundraising in the fight against MS: $3,567.57. (Ranked 89th out of 1002 teams)
Kilometres rode: 82
Uphill: 1151 metres
Downhill: 1256 metres.