Wandering around the world


From Hong Kong to Romania and England to the United States, the Western Sydney Wanderers family is spread far and wide.

Now the Wanderers can add Thailand to the list.

To be fair, I have a personal interest in the latest to join the Wanderers family given the newest member is David Armstrong, the former Editor-in-Chief (1996-2002) of the national broadsheet, The Australian – the paper for which I worked for a little over 30 years as the chief football writer.

He was always a hands-on boss, often venturing out of his office to talk to all his staff, even if just for a chat to see “how you are going”. He liked nothing better than talking to the sportswriters.

Armstrong had a stellar career in journalism with his appointments including Editor of The Australian (1989-1982), Editor of the Canberra Times (1992-1993) and Editor-in-Chief of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong (1993 to 1996 and 2003-2005).

He now lives in the province of Kamphaeng Phet, a four and a half hour drive from Bangkok, where he and his wife Nichapa run a fabulous boutique hotel and resort, the Maeping Mango Riverside. 

Armstrong grew up in Western Sydney and went to school at Liverpool Patrician Brothers and Parramatta Marist, hence his love of the Parramatta rugby league side since 1963.

However, he has also grown to love the Wanderers, having been fascinated by their win in the Asian Champions League.

Having read most of my shared posts on Facebook regarding the Wanderers, he messaged me recently, proudly proclaiming he had become an out of town member of the club. 

“I grew up in Liverpool and went to school there and in Parramatta,” he told me.

“The Western Sydney Wanderers first came on to my radar with their AFC win five years ago. That was very impressive.

“Recently, I thought I should go from following the club to actively supporting them and becoming a member.”

Of course, Wanderers fans thinking of a nice holiday in Thailand in idyllic surrounds can be guaranteed of being well looked after by David and Nichapa at their wonderful resort.

As they say in Thailand: Susu Wanderers.

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