Western Sydney Wanderers Statement


The Western Sydney Wanderers wish to address a number of matters which have been incorrectly promoted:

  • The players’ bonuses at the Club World Cup (CWC) will not be limited to 10%. This is an appearance payment which is not contingent on any wins and equates to over $AUD120,000.
  • Should the team win their opening match then the players would receive over $AUD600,000 as a minimum for reaching the next round, $AUD1,950,000 the round after that, and over $AUD3,000,000 should they be ultimately successful.
  • For their success in the Asian Champions League the players’ share was over $AUD950,000.

The Western Sydney Wanderers maintain that all residual amounts from the CWC and ACL will be used for the purposes of enhancing and improving current training and player facilities, as well as junior academy, community, indigenous and women’s programs.
The Western Sydney Wanderers remain committed to a whole range of programs which is not limited to one area of the Club alone.  The Club’s obligations extend further than focussing on the today and ignoring the tomorrow in all facets of the club and its responsibility to the Western Sydney region.  
The club will not make any further comment at this time.