White Knights Unite


In Australia, an average of one women per week is killed by a current or former partner. This shocking statistic highlights the importance of the White Ribbon campaign which hopes to eradicate violence against women in Australia.

On Saturday our club united against domestic violence by wearing our white uniform. This was the first time in the Club’s history that we have worn the strip at home. We did so in order to pledge our support to the campaign which focuses its attention on male engagement in violence prevention.
Jason Trifiro, who epitomises the heart and soul of Western Sydney Wanderers, is a proud supporter of the charity. He believes that the Club’s support of the campaign can make a real difference to the lives of men and women across Australia.
The born and raised Winston Hill star considers sport to be a key component in educating and preventing violence against women in the future.
“Sport, especially football, brings people together and provides a great arena to convey the White Ribbon message,” explained Trifiro.
“You have a variety of ages, genders and nationalities that come to support and bond over their beloved club. I’m hopeful that this event can help educate people and unite them in this cause.”
The extent of male violence against women is one of Australia’s most shameful secrets. However the community can provide a driving change to prevent this violence and we call on every Red & Black fan to become a part of this movement.
Men are primarily targeted for the backbone of the campaign as White Ribbon recognises the positive roles that men can play in preventing violence against women.
Fayssal Sari, a spokesman for White Ribbon, is delighted to have the support of the Club and one of its brightest stars.
“Players like Jason who get behind White Ribbon Australia are critical in shaping change. It shows great leadership from their part whilst helping our message cut through to the mainstream. Sportsman like Jason are influential and ultimately people listen,” explained Sari.
“The Western Sydney Wanderers reach in the community, on social media and as an organisation is vast. We prefer to engage men and the club offers a large male reach for us. The Club has a strong connection with their fans and brings a lot of credibility to the sporting arena.”
The White Night event is the first of its kind and Trifiro believes fans will left the stadium with a valuable message.
“You only have to look at the statistics surrounding White Ribbon to be touched by their message. We need to ensure that kids of a young age know the difference between right and wrong.
“It’s not just on-field events that are important, you’ve got to do the right things off the field too. This cause is something that I feel strongly about and I’m happy to be a part of. I’m hoping Saturday’s crowd feel the same.”
As well as being a proud White Ribbon supporter, Trifiro also runs a successful football school which he coordinates alongside his brother, and Mariners player, Glen.
The midfielder’s values, football knowledge and skills are presented to youngsters in the local community.
“Nurturing future generations is something that myself and Glen are both passionate about. We thrive on teaching kids, installing values and educating them on the technical aspect of the game,” he said.
“We like to give back to the youngsters and the local community. It’s something that we ultimately enjoy and appreciate.”
Trifiro fell in love with football from an early age.
“My brothers and I would drive our parents crazy. We always had a ball and were constantly having a kick about in the backyard.
“My parents got so sick of us breaking windows that they bought a house behind Valentine Park – the home of Football NSW – we would jump the fence and be able to train there whenever we wanted.”
Trifiro has come a long way since then, going from award-winning state league player to winning the AFC Champions League with the Wanderers.
“To finally wrap up the Champions League and be crowned winners was a very proud moment. We all know how much hard work goes into a campaign like that so to come out with the trophy is something which all of the players, fans and everyone involved in the club will never forget.”
As well as being crowned champions on the pitch the Club were smashing records off it.
The Wanderers received an astonishing 10 million Twitter impressions since the start of the new Hyundai A-League season. This has set a new record spanning all sporting clubs across Australia in any code.
To put this into perspective, the clubs social media channels outshone both the AFL and NRL Grand Finals as well as achieving an engagement rate of 8.5% which surpasses football powerhouses Real Madrid and Manchester United.
Trifiro would personally like to thank the fans for their continued support across all platforms.
“The fans have been unbelievable in every way. It was an unforgettable experience walking through the airport to that many supporters and I’d personally like to thank them.
“I hope they continue to show their support to the team and to the White Ribbon campaign. As fans your support, as always, is valued and appreciated.”