Who do the Wanderers slow down for?


Minister for Roads Duncan Gay has asked the Western Sydney Wanderers and their supporters: who do you slow down for?

The NSW Government and Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club are partnering together to help get the message out to supporters to stick to the speed limit and slow down.
“I’m thrilled to be standing side-by-side with Sydney’s fast footed football stars to raise awareness in our community on the dangers of speeding,” Mr Gay said.
“In the last year alone speed contributed to 127 deaths on our roads and we are committed to doing everything we can to spread the important road safety message – Don’t Rush.
“Dario Vidosic, Jacob Pepper, Andrew Redmayne and Scott Neville are all lightning fast on the field, but when it comes to being behind the wheel, these players know how important it is to stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions.
“Males aged between 17 and 29 are overrepresented in fatal and injury crashes, which make the Wanderer’s core supporters the perfect audience to communicate our safety messages to.”
Drawing on the famous Wanderers chant ‘who do you sing for?’ the team is getting behind the important issue of speeding and asking football fans to think about who they slow down for in a video that will be shown for the first time at the home game this weekend.
John Tsatsimas, CEO Western Sydney Wanderers said the team is passionate about telling their fans who they slow down for.
“Our players are excited to be involved in this road safety campaign, because it’s something they really believe in,” Mr Tsatsimas said.
“They know that when someone speeds, it puts people they love at risk.”