WSW fans raising money for charity through Mitch Nichols fine


Wanderers fans decided to raise $1,000 to pay Mitch Nichols’ fine with the money now being raised for charity.

Upon hearing Mitch Nichols was fined $1,000 after the 5-4 semi-final win, Wanderers Member Nermin Bajric took it upon himself to ensure Nichols wouldn’t have to pay it alone.

Through crowd funding, the “Nickles For Nichols” campaign hit the $1,000 target in only eight hours.

After finding out about the campaign, Nichols was very thankful to the fans but insisted on paying the fine himself, asking the money raised to go to charity.

The campaign will stay open now with the goal to raise $2,000: enough for the Marc Arcuri Cup to purchase a defibrillator for a community club.

The Marc Arcuri Cup is a foundation that raises money to donate defibrillators to clubs around NSW, having raised $30,000 so far.
You can find out more about the Marc Arcuri Cup here.