Yengi ready to fulfil potential

Striker Kusini Yengi on finding his form at the Wanderers and his expectations for the season ahead.

Having dived straight into pre-season preparations after Australia’s U23 campaign in Uzbekistan, young gun Kusini Yengi was ready to embrace a new chapter of his career this season in Western Sydney.

“I really like change and I was keen for change. It’s been everything I’ve hoped so far and I’ve had a few chats with Mark (head coach Mark Rudan) over the last couple of years,” said Yengi.

“Mark spoke to me and said that he had a plan here at the Western Sydney Wanderers and he wanted me to be part of that, to take the club back to where it used to be.

“I was very excited for that.”

What can Wanderers members and fans expect from the striker?

“I’m young, I’m quick and I’m fast. I’m skilful and I’m smart, I think I really have it all,” said Yengi.

“My biggest problem has been staying on the pitch and I think that the Wanderers have everything here in terms of staff and facilities, to make that final element click.

“So once I bring that all together and I’m on the field, I’ll be able to score plenty of goals and help the team and win Championships.”

Not shy of his ambitions for the club this A-Leagues season, Yengi believes the Red & Black have build the perfect foundation for success.

“I want to win the A-League. I think it would be silly for me to say we don’t want to win the league,” explained Yengi.

“Every team should be wanting to win the league.

“I think we have a good group of boys and coaching staff as well that are capable of it and we’ve also got great members and fans.

“So if everyone comes together, the players, the coaching staff, the members and the fans then we should be able to win the whole thing.”