Yeoman-Dale on making up for lost time


Wanderer Georgia Yeoman-Dale is ready to pick up right where she left off. 

Wanderer Georgia Yeoman-Dale is ready to pick up right where she left off. 

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Yeoman-Dale returns to the club this season with the intention of picking up things right where she left off, previously playing for the club during the 2018/19 season where she scored two goals before suffering a season-ending injury.

In what has been a story of setbacks with an injury that lasted 18 months, Yeoman-Dale is now ready to write her own comeback story.

“A long time out of the game ended up being 18 months on the sideline. Which was unexpected when I first pulled off to the sideline with my sore ankle, it didn’t seem like a lot,” said Yeoman-Dale.

“Turns out it was a really tough injury and a really long recovery tiime so it took a long time for the bone to heal. I had a lot of bad bone bruising and a stress fracture in my ankle, through that time there were a lot of setbacks.

“It was an emotional rollercoaster and I’m just really excited to be back now. I’m not taking it for granted because I know what it’s taken me to get to this point.”

Georgia Yeoman-Dale

Yeoman-Dale is set to be part of head coach Dean Heffernan’s second season in charge, embracing the opportunity to be part of the Wanderers W-League revolution.

“I’m really excited about it, I’ve got a lot to make up for from the season that I played a few years ago and it was amazing seeing what the club and the girls could do last season,” said Yeoman-Dale.

“At the start of last season, I came out and had a look at the facilties. To not be able to be part of that last season was disappointing for me on a personal level but being here now is amazing.

“The facilities are awesome, it’s nothing that I have experienced before, everything is in one place. The training pitch is amazing, the gym, it’s the best facility I have played in in the W-League.”

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Yeoman-Dale spent the W-League off-season at National Premier League Women’s powerhouse club APIA Leichhardt where she scored five goals in 11 matches.

Looking to the season ahead, the defender is determined to not get ahead of herself and just take one step at a time. 

“I think the Matildas is always that end goal, I’m a competitive person I want to get as far as I can and getting into that team is always an aim,” said Yeoman-Dale.

“But at the moment, I’m just focusing on getting through pre-season. I haven’t trained at this level for a long time, so getting through pre-season and getting through consistent game time in the season and just enjoying. 

“I think that’s the most important thing for me, going out and enjoying it, and I know that if I’m enjoying it I will perform.”