Yianni Perkatis says no to Racism


The past month Wanderers midfielder Yianni Perkatis has been playing with the University of Western Sydney Everyday Racism App which you can download from the App Store.

The ‘Everyday Racism’ app challenges people’s ideas about racism by giving them the chance to walk in the shoes of someone who is subjected to racism on a daily basis.

Users of the app can choose to play one of four characters – an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman, an Indian student, or they can be themselves. The app then shows users first-hand what it’s like to experience racism and builds confidence in the best ways to respond.

Download for iOS: iTunes
Download for Android: Playstore

Research from the University of Western Sydney has found it’s crucial for people to take a stand to send the message racism is not okay and won’t be tolerated. In some cases people may be concerned their actions could make them unsafe or the target of further abuse, yet there is always a way to respond.

The Everyday Racism app has been selected by the United Nations and BMW as a finalist for the 2014 Intercultural Innovation Awards which promote the innovative ways organisations are contributing to peace and prosperity in the world.

The University of Western Sydney will now work with global partners to further develop the project.

In addition to the Everyday Racism app, the University of Western Sydney is taking the lead in combatting racism in a number of other ways.

A new UWS project will see 200 staff and 100 students attend hands-on workshops throughout the year to learn the best ways to challenge racist attitudes in society.

As part of the initiative, researchers will gauge the effectiveness of anti-racism strategies to help policy makers and organisations bring about racial justice.

These initiatives follow the ground-breaking Challenging Racism research project, Australia’s largest ever study into ethnic relations and cultural diversity.

By conducting vital research into racism, and developing new ways to change our country for the better, the University of Western Sydney is taking the lead in promoting a tolerant society everyone can enjoy.

By challenging racism, we can make it more widely known that racist behaviour is unacceptable.